Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club


Blue Steel M.C. USA, Inc.


Welcome to the Blue Steel M/C USA Inc. We are a Law-Enforcement Motorcycle Club that supports all Law-Enforcement and non 1% - Civilian Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcycle Associations that hold the love for motorcycling, and what is right in life. As a Club we support fallen officers and their families in the time of need; as well as various Children’s charities. We conduct ourselves accordingly to all State laws and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Chicago ( Mother Chapter )

North Carolina


The Blue Steel Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club is a Brotherhood of Law Enforcement Officers and Civilian Members who share a common love motorcycles and the open road.

The Blue Steel Motorcycle Club, supports other Law Enforcement and Civilian Motorcycle Clubs and Associations that support the Law Enforcement Motorcycle Community. We share the love for Motorcycling, and for what’s right in life. As a Club we assist fallen officers and Children Charities in their time of need, and as a Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club we will conduct ourselves accordingly.